I Know Your Not Gay But I'm Hoping For Bi on site

But I'm not gay and thats what I said, Но я не гей, в тысячный раз повторяю. Cause my whole family thinks I'm gay, Геем меня считает семья. What do they know anyway? Да что они вообще могут знать про меня?

Well, at least now you know - you have made a decision you canlive with - this is a good thing because now you wont be confused any more. At 13 these questions usually come up and most people dont get the answers until they are a few years older then that...

That I'm not that kid on the phone, screaming fuck this world I'm leaving? Like when I was sixteen and, it still feels like I'm dreaming When I call your phone and realize I forgot to breathe in Forgot the grave that he's in I hope you know I mean it.

Everywhere I go people think I'm gay. I get hit on by gay guys constantly which is fucken annoying, and sometimes girls will drop hints that they think so. Hoping to move past this, become a muthafuckkin PIMP and never look back. If you realize you are gay accept it, or even bi.

How do you know if im gay or bi or stright? The answer is simple, if you have sex with your gender, you are gay. If you participate in intercourse with both genders, you are bi-sexual.

so i'm bi and generally when i look at girls i think "i'm gay" because of how long i thought i was cis. but i finally looked at a guy and That said tho, with Madam Secretary, a CBS show, actually having a main cast character be bi, i'm like, holding out whatever stupid fools gold hope there is for CM.

Welcome, Bi Men About To Come Out! Hi! I'm not sure if we've met, but that's OK, I do know that we're a lot alike. OK, Bi Guy, I hope this helps. I and lots of others are here for you. Coming out as Bi can be more complex, more confusing than coming out as gay. I know when I was married (still am...

"People know that I'm gay, I've never made a secret of it, but no one has ever asked me," he told The Guardian, "The message the Isle of Man has Ultimately, the memoir was therapeutic for Graceffa. He said he hoped it was a relatable story for his followers, adding, "I just want people to not feel so alone."

I'm so confused and desperate. How do I even let him know how I feel? Should I? Will this pass? Hey From South Africa too!! I hope you're really enjoying my country? Where are you based? Is this normal? Yes, just about all gay and bi guys believe they are totally straight until they discover that...

Nor do I categorically correct folks who assume I'm gay. "Sure you're not," I'm used to hearing them say, or "You know, there's nothing wrong with being gay." Not everyone agrees, and so not all women go for femme or bi guys.

Arggh, I have a crush on my best friend and he is always flirting with me but it seems like a joke. My friends think he is Bi I really don't know. I'm gay but I'm my friend is straight but he doesn't know im gay.we share the same room..his not agaist gays.
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